Safe Usage

Emergency Line 187


  • Use certified companies for your inside installation.
  • Do not intervene to your inside installation without informing IZGAZ.
  • Ensure that your chimneys are cleaned by a certified chimney cleaning company.
  • Ensure that burning appliances and heating systems installation and maintenance are done by certified companies.
  • Have your burning appliances maintained once a year.
  • If you moved recently, learn when was the last time that the burning appliances and heating systems were controlled.
  • Follow the usage instructions carefully.
  • Give priority to hermetic appliance usage.
  • Keep the ventilation vent open and clean.
  • Avoid using portable heaters.
  • Do not use more than one heater in the same room.
  • Use carbon monoxide detector at your home and business premise.


Natural gas is normally odourless but it is odorised with rotten garlic scent to be easily noticeable in case of a leakage. When you smell something like rotten garlic;


Close natural gas appliances valves and meter valves.


Open the doors and the windows to ventilate the property.


Do not use door bell and do not let anyone else use it. Do not turn on/off electricity buttons!


Do not use phone where you smell gas!


Do not light a fire, do not search the gas leak with flame!


Do not intervene to your natural gas installation by yourself!


Call IZGAZ NATURAL GAS EMERGENCY NUMBER 187 away from where there is gas smell!

187 Natural Gas Emergency Number

You can call ‘’187’’ 24/7 to inform about natural gas.

Emergency Teams

These teams work 24/7 in 7 different regions in our licence area to answer 187 calls.

Digging Control Teams

These teams accompanies the digging works in our licence area and give the related measures and necessary standards of natural gas lines before the digging starts. These teams work in 4 different regions in our licence area.


It is the information that 187 receives about a natural gas related problem or risk or the situations that can cause damages or risks for natural gas equipments or lines.

How the system works;

The calls that the 187 call center receive are registered. Also all the phone calls and radio calls in the center are registered. The reason of the call, address and the name of the person are sent to emergency team of the related network chief. 187 teams go to the call address immediately and intervene to the situation. The result of the call is sent to 187 center.

While calling;

  1. You need to give your EVS number, box number and subscriber name so our operators can find your address in the system more easily. (EVS number is written on the invoice)
  2. Give necessary and adequate information about the call.
  3. Give descriptive places about the address.
  4. Accompany Izgaz teams when they reach to the address.

Call Types and What To Do;

If you smell gas in your apartment;

Natural gas is normally odourless but it is odorised with rotten garlic scent to be easily noticeable in case of a leakage. When you smell something like rotten garlic;

  • Open the door and the window to ventilate the property.
  • Close the meter valve.
  • Do not smoke, do not use match, lighter. Do not light a fire.
  • Do not turn on/off or unplug the electricity appliances.
  •  Do not use door bell and do not let anyone else use it.
  • Do not use your phone because it can cause spark.
  • Let everyone leave the place where there is gas smell.
  • Call 187 IZGAZ Natural Gas Emergency from your neigbour or the nearest place.
  • Do not try to repair the breakdown.


If You Smell Gas In Stairwell;

  • Close the natural gas main entrance valve which is in the building entrance.
  • If the smell is coming from the basement, do not enter the basement.
  • To ventilate the property open the building entrance door and all the curtains.
  • Do not smoke and do not use match, lighter and do not light a fire.
  • Do not turn on the electrical appliances and do not turn off the ones that are on.
  • Do not use electricity buttons and door bells.
  • Do not use elevators or similar appliances.
  • Do not use phone in the building where there is gas.
  • Call 187 IZGAZ Natural Gas Emergency Line.

When there is heating or spark on the natural gas installations which are caused by electricity problems in the buildings;

  • Close the natural gas entrance valve in the building entrance.
  • Call 187 Izgaz Natural Gas Emergency.
  • Turn off the electricity of your apartment/building.
  • Warn the other residents in the building.

When your gas is cut off by Izgaz teams for security reasons;

Izgaz teams can seal the installation for security reasons with a red seal for a temporary period. After this period when the gas is reopened again;

  • Apply the instructions of Izgaz 187 Teams during the gas cut-off.
  • When requiring gas opening, inform the Call Center (187) that your installation was sealed before.
  •  For the situations that do not require installation repair (problems on the burning appliances, or the problems that can be fixed without welding) call your installation company or service of your burning appliance then inform 187 by calling and do not intervene to your valves until our teams arrive.
  • The gas will be given under the control of Izgaz teams.

When there is gas absence;

  • Be sure that all your valves are open.
  • If the problem persists call 187.

If there will be a digging or you see a digging;

The parties that will do the digging must get a permission from the authorised municipalities or the other related institutions before the digging. Before digging, 187 must be called and a team must be required. After the team shows the exact place of the lines the digging can be started. During the work our teams will continue to do the necessary controls.

If you inform 187 when you see a digging in your street or area, our operators will check if the digging has permission and if not we will send a team to check the digging.