Advantages Of Natural Gas

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Advantages of Natural Gas

  • It is always ready to use.
  • It does not require stock, preorder. It is easy to buy natural gas, you don’t need to pay before or storage.
  • Natural gas arrives to customer without transportation loss, transport supply place and occupying main transportation road. It enables continuous usage.
  • It is a sustained energy source. It is secured with firm agreements from big reserves that lasts decades.
  • It does not require storage therefore you can have free places in the buildings.
  • It is environment friendly,
  • It does not pollute the air, it does not harm the environment, when it burns it does not spread sulphur oxide and carbon particles.
  • It is a serious insurance of the nature, environment and human future.
  • Natural gas usage is increasing in the world and it is preferred because of its high calorific value and other qualities.
  • It burns without leaving permanent waste, also it does not leave ash etc after it is used therefore it won’t cost additional expenses.
  • Temperature check in natural gas appliances is very sensitive. It provides efficiency, comfort and saving. Modern natural gas appliances answer every need and can be placed according to your need.
  • It is an efficient fuel. Since it is gaseous there is higher chance of merging of combustive and burning molecules with this way it can be burned more efficiently.
  • Heat transfer takes short time with natural gas.
  • It saves energy because it is suitable for automatic control. It is easy to use it with automatic control because activation and deactivation take shorter time.
  • Natural gas saves energy because it uses less excess air for burning. Each combustive molecule has a better chance of merging with burning molecule compared to coal and fuel oil therefore it uses less excess air for burning.
  • Natural gas is cheap, economic, it saves time and labour force.
  • It is cheaper than the other fuels. In the systems that natural gas is used burning control can be done easily and a constant efficiency is supplied. Burning efficiency is higher than coal and equal to fuel oil and more economic compared to them because of its cheap price.
  • The cost is paid after usage, it does not require prepayment.