Natural gas and Environment


Environmental sensibility and discipline in industry sector have gained a new dimension and brought a new level with purification technique. Natural gas burning process continues perfectly therefore very low amount of waste product as contaminant is released to the atmosphere. Natural gas is the least damaging fossil fuel for the environment because the three most polluting factors are not included in natural gas smoke.

First one is sulphur oxide. This turns into sulphuric acid with the moisture in smoke gas and the air. Therefore it corrodes and destroys both boiler pipes and the environment with acid rains. Besides if it is inhaled it has a poisonous effect for people.

Second one is the soot and the flying ash particles. These particles spread around the environment when the coal is burned and they are extremely dangerous for human health. Furthermore they cover the boiler surface and decrease the efficiency and thermal capacity.

Third factor is unburned gasses. Especially carbon monoxide is very dangerous when it reaches certain doses and it has a fatal effect.

Green Earth